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Education is the main theme of our business; we look after students, their aspiration and try and make them avoid choosing a field of study that does not match their qualities and attributes.

We give you the opportunity to study a selection of programs in different continents. Primary School, High School, Short and Long term English programs, Foundation, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhDs. We also offer vocational courses and excellent selection of English Business courses.

The decision to study abroad is a major financial, career and life changing decision for most students. There are important questions that need professional advice and assistance. We are available to help our student make informed choices and achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

We act as international education consultants to our student clients, helping them to make the right choices in terms of country, course and institutional selection. University admission can be an overwhelming process, we help you in this process, and you will be able to enjoy a life changing experience.

We do not only help in university admission, we walk you through the whole series of activities that are required before going to study, including visa, accommodation, insurance, airport pick up and even finding you a guardian or a home stay parent to look after you in your first year of study.

You can depend on us, and your parents will be joyous for knowing that while they are busy working, we are busy in getting you towards your aspiration.

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Hamilton is the agricultural capital in New Zealand, so in and around there are loads of sheep to be seen, and it has the largest river in New Zealand called the Waikato. I live in a studio room that’s only a 15-minute walk from university. My friend and I often go to dinners on campus organized by one of the religious clubs, and it’s a great way to meet people and also pray together. Hamilton is a great place with so much to do and see.

Dana Al Sarhani

Studying here is a bit hard because of my language level, but I am managing to deal with it and am doing good. As for living, it can’t be better than this! I met lots of people in the hostel last year and all of us flat together in groups of four or five. My roommates all have different backgrounds, which is good, because we all learn our cultures. Studying in New Zealand will be one of the biggest experiences in any student’s life. They will enjoy being here very much, you can bet on that!

Kaveh Shahrokhi

Hi guys my name is Ibrahim Alfardan I’ve been studying in New Zealand (Auckland) since beginning of 2004. I studied Foundation course of AUT and now I am continuing my education in BBS Management and Marketing at Massey University. It is a great experience to travel to a new place and to experience a new culture. Sports are a must activity in New Zealand because everyone is active and outgoing. Furthermore New Zealand is a country, which is made of two major islands, and the South Island in my opinion is more beautiful than the North Island. I went to Dunedin which is located on the South Island with some of my friends and it took us a whole day to reach it but it was worth it because I really enjoyed it.

Ibrahim Al Fardan

New Zealand is a fabulous country. I really enjoyed studying there. I gained a prominent experience while I was studying there. The most significant thing to me is to be ambitious in order to reach the top rank. The most beautiful place I visited was Rotorua where I saw a striking view of the volcanos. I would like to visit the South Island just to enjoy the nature in Queenstown. Furthermore I love New Zealand and recommend students to study there.

Muhannad Khalid Ismail Al-Muhairi

It is important to pursue your goals and ambitions, and what is more significant is to find the right environment for those ambitions of yours to materialise, that’s why I chose to study in New Zealand. My stay in Auckland testified that there is another place like home, because I found it very easy and comfortable to adapt to the lifestyle of Kiwis. What is also vital is the quality of professional education a student like me has received which is why I think it would be a good choice for other prospective students to look forward to study in New Zealand.

Liliya Son

Auckland is a beautiful place and the people are friendly. The international student centers in AUT have helped me a lot and have taken good care of me since the day I set foot in New Zealand. After completing four months doing English, I have successfully sat the IELTS test. Currently I am doing the Certificate in Business studies. New Zealand is a safe country and I love it here!

Aliya A Busaidy

As I am currently doing my bachelor of social science, there are a number of subjects I have to take. I am coping very well with all of them. Hamilton is a busy place and that is what I love about it. Making friends and socializing is what I do the most and the people here are true examples of that. I am enjoying my time and I am very happy.

Faisal, Hamilton

Being an independent person, I didn’t like doing things that others did, therefore I wanted to study something different and in a unique country. Choosing my major was not an issue, as I have always had a passion for media. I came to know through EZone that AUT had the best school in communication studies and I did not hesitate to apply. Sure enough, I am happy, studying what I love the most and having the time of my life!

Sabriya Al Naamany

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