About us

Creating a knowledge society

Education Zone (est. 2003) is a customer-oriented and professionally managed company with clear goals and commitments. Our guiding principle is to help our customers succeed. We focus on finding the perfect fit for each student, not on the institution. Education Zone staff are known for their personal and caring service that they provide to their applicants.

Education Zone works with international universities and institutions that are recognised by all the ministries in the GCC countries. We represent many prestigious Universities and Institutes of Technology around the world. Education Zone covers New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, London, UAE, Italy, Spain and many other countries.

Education Zone has a solution for everyone. Whether you are a high school student looking to study abroad, a working professional looking for an additional degree or short course or even a child/teenager interested in making new friends at summer camp, Education Zone will help you achieve your goals.

Our Mission

About Us

Best education

Sourcing high-quality education for all types of students. whether it is in the most generic countries or countries that provide high-quality education at a low cost.


Help schools during their career fairs in guiding the students to the proper program and university that fits their potential.

Quality Assurance

Consult with educational and vocational institutions by assessing their performance in accordance with internationally approved standards.

one size doesn't fit all

Tailor training program for educational and administrative staff in schools and educational institutions, in cooperation with internationally recognised universities and colleges.

Logistical Support

Help private educational and training organisations provide best of the breed education and training services that is imported and harmonized from advanced countries in the world.

Support our country

Secure training and developmental program to ensure effective participation in the advancement of the country.


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