I have been thinking about education for a long time and came to a conclusion, “education is not going to a school or a university, it’s how we deal with what we learnt and how we reflect upon it”

If you think about it, we have thousands of schools, and thousands of universities, I cannot recall how many more thousands of institutes, establishments, language centres, teaching colleges, agents and you name it from the places that can “teach us something” it is an endless world, in fact it’s even bigger than any other industry. All these places are so important, as education can make a difference in people’s lives, it’s the difference between “being in the streets not knowing what to do for a living” or “being an architect, a lawyer or a teacher, to name a few”.  Who wants to be “uneducated” when we can be any other individual that makes a difference in people’s lives.

However, we can learn from the two groups, “the educated and the uneducated”. I have seen with my own eyes those in need sharing their food, giving away their money and helping to clean the roads.  I have also seen educated people clean the beaches and help in fundraising and removing poverty in certain places.

Now let’s look at the taxes, if you pay tax, you can be assured (to a certain extent) that your money is going to help build hospitals, schools and help those in need; if you save some of your salary, you are certain that you will have an enjoyable old age. Also, your tax can help in removal of poverty and natural calamities. Is this enough? Should we just get educated and pay taxes only? Do you feel you can do other things? Let’s take each profession separately and see how they can help:

  1. Lawyers must spend time helping those in trouble and must not accept payments if they do not have the funds. They must always practice the law ethically.
  2. Business people must be kind and continue to help the community, maybe keep a bit of their profit to relieve poverty, to help students to study, maybe to even teach and help those that teach.
  3. Medicine is to find a cure to ailments instead of just prescribing medications that may or may not help. Doctors must try to find some people that need medical relief and help in their cure.  Maybe a certain percentage of their patients must be those that are poor and have no means to pay for their medical treatment.
  4. Economists must try to decipher the economic problems in the country and help in removing them.
  5. Statisticians look at correlations and information to find ways to relate an item to the other, however, these talented individuals must find the forgotten anomalies in the numbers, when 1+1 doesn’t add to 2. They must be relentless in solving the unsolved equations in the world.  Don’t forget that statisticians work everywhere (even in medical centres) so their job is as important as the doctors and the pharmacists.
  6. Those that study politics and become politicians, cannot just think of their self, they must solve the country’s problem in an ethical way.
  7. The bankers are the most important individuals, we entrust them with our hard-earned money, if a banker issue a contract to a customer, this should not change just because the board of directors decided that all contracts must change, or just because the bank was taken over by another bank. The clients had no idea of the changeover, and they must not find harsh rules during that time.

I am not going to list here 10000 different university field, but I would like you to give me hints on your profession and the ways to help. The moral of this post is to emphasise the important traits that we should all possess, it’s important to study, it’s important to work but also there are important traits to follow, for example:

  • To have morals
  • To have ethics
  • To have integrity
  • To be self-aware
  • To have grit
  • To have compassion and kindness
  • To feel that we are responsible for the world

We can see the atrocities around us, it’s up to us to stop them or just turn our heads and pretend that we are not facing anything. In this case, it’s important what we study, it is also important to be vigilant, as you can be a great scientist, but without the care you can create an awful bomb that can destruct our beautiful earth. All of us remember Oppenheimer.

I hope you got the gest.