Whether you are just considering enrolling for your online masters in criminal justice or you are already in the program, it’s a good idea to be aware of what kind of career the degree can get you. There is a chance you may change your mind more than once during the process of earning your masters in criminal justice online so why not be armed with as much information as possible.

Probation or Corrections Officer

Your masters will set you up nicely for a career as a probation or corrections officer at the county, state, or federal level. This is also a field where entry-level positions are growing, meaning you shouldn’t have a problem getting into the field. Many private companies have actually taken over the contract by the government on behalf of the prison, so a hiring spree has been occurring. Both the east and west coasts of the country are seeing greater numbers where jobs are concerned.

Now keep in mind this can still be a dangerous position and can involve plenty of long hours, both day and night.

Investigator or Detective

This isn’t usually an entry-level position, you’ll need to work as a police officer first and put in your time while gaining experience. An investigator or detective takes on a particular case piecing together the evidence, building a case, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and covering all avenues. It’s ideal for those who have a critical mind and an eye for detail. Again, this can be a dangerous job and will often require long hours.

Private Detective

Maybe you don’t want to work for the police force but you still like the idea of being a detective. The role of a private detective may be better suited to you. You can be your own boss, run your own agency, and help to solve a variety of cases.

CIA Agent

Here’s a position that you may not have thought was possible with your criminal justice degree, yet it is. Working for the Central Intelligence Agency means you could be placed anywhere in the world. It can be quite challenging and rewarding at the same time offering you all kinds of variety where cases are concerned.

Customs and Immigration Officer

Perhaps you like the idea of helping to keep the country’s borders secure, which can be done when you work as a customs or immigration officer. You could work at a border crossing, in an airport, or through an agency. With the recent election results and the push for tighter immigration control, this job will probably become more and more important.

A Degree that Opens All Kinds of Doors

Earning your masters in criminal justice is a great way to open all kinds of career doors for yourself. It can lead you down a large variety of paths and also give you the opportunity to change your career later on and try something entirely new. It’s also a field where employment numbers seem to be on the rise, meaning you will have a very good chance of finding a job quickly.