We always wonder about study majors and at times we are at a loss. As there are hybrids of majors around the 10000 or so universities around the world. If I say that there are more than 3000-5000 majors available, I wouldn’t be exaggerating, as there are new ones sprouting up periodically.

Scholars and professors continue to study the needs of students, companies and the public to find what is required, also they continue to study the subjects themselves to see if a new major can be created out of those subjects. For example, let’s look at Philosophy, there are at least 50 majors in Philosophy, and it’s not enough to say that I am doing philosophy, we must focus our needs and focus our studies. The same concept can be extrapolated on all majors, even medicine couldn’t escape this fact, so on a daily basis, we find that there are aspects of medicine that can be studied on their own. That is the beauty of universities, there is no static state in them, we are all running to serve the curiosity of the students. Ok, let me tell you a little secret, students themselves create new majors, as they are also clever and can pinpoint certain needs in this world.  

I am going to focus on two things in this article, mainly Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. Let’s start.

The study of chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, composition and the changes that occurs to it, also don’t forget the periodic table as we see additions to it frequently; while the study of applied chemistry is how we use these matters and what happens if we mix them, at the same time how we use chemistry in various fields, like medicine, beauty products (J), food products and other manufacturing fields. So, Chemistry is a great and versatile subject, and if you go to any scientific field, you will need to do Chemistry (even if you want to do agriculture or Horticulture, food, dietician, ok I will stop as we can do a lot with chemistry. Of course, I mustn’t add here that magicians also use chemistry, so it’s good for entertainment too. To me, I adore this subject and would read about it all the time. 

Ok, what about petroleum Engineering? Guess what!! You need to study chemistry first, and then specialize. However, many universities created a major in Petroleum Engineering. What does this major entail? You will study about the exploration of petroleum and gas, where to find it, how to find it, what to do with it, what to manufacture from it, which earth or sea will have it, how to find Oil and gas, the equipment we need to explore Oil and gas and much more. Thus, it’s a field of chemistry but due to its importance, many universities (especially in the area that has Oil and Gas) have majors for students to dig their teeth into them. However you can find only a few universities in the middle east that focuses on this major (see this article) but you can go to England, the USA, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand to study it. 

If you are interested in studying something to do with Energy (Petroleum Engineering is a field of Energy), then you may opt to study wind, solar, and other fields that we can use to produce energy without damaging the environment. 

The environment is very important to us, we need to protect it so we can live in a comfortable world; as you know plastics are a product of Petroleum, which means we have created a monster, and not only us that are getting cancer because of it, we are also killing the forests, the fish and sea lives, the birds and all other animals.  

When you embark on your studies be very particular about eliminating the byproducts of petroleum by creating ways to avoid the production of evil. Did you know that the fabric used to produce clothes is ruining the environment? Ask me how! well we wash our clothes, and the residue that comes from them, go into the sewage which eventually goes to the sea or the rivers, and guess what? You are indirectly killing the fish and sea life. So off late even fashion designers are studying chemistry, so they know what is good and what is bad, not just beauty is taken care of, but also our lives. 

Beware of creating a monster. Be careful on what to study and enlarge your horizon.