In today’s wired world we are all busy in displaying our lives on the social media without any regards to what is going to happen to those pictures, addresses, and various details that can harm our personal security. In the past couple of months, Mark Zuckerberg has been investigated on how Facebook is using our data; the CEO was interrogated by the house of parliament and he was baffled and didn’t know what to say. To add to this, many hackers are invading banks and also the privacy of people and maybe stealing our money.

Spamming, scamming and the many other names hit you with the speed of light through your email, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and most of the media. I personally have many messages on my WhatsApp and Twitter and Emails of people telling me that I won money, and I should give them my bank details. If I was a simple person I would have fallen for it and may have lost my money.

Many universities have developed cybersecurity programmes, to help future leaders battle them. This is an excerpt from Queen’s University Belfast’s programme:

Our MSc in cybersecurity aims to develop the next generation of industry leaders and address the shortage of cybersecurity professionals globally. The emphasis of the masters is to provide graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the cyber security challenges facing industry and society, today and in the future, and equip them with the skills necessary to address those challenges 

I have been meeting students for 15-16 years and found that most of these students want to study medicine and engineering. IT, Computer science, coding, data analysis and other computer and internet related programmes are not sought after by students from the middle east, I mean not in that quantity that is needed by today.

I encourage students to apply for these degrees and I know that they will be a valuable asset to the new generation of companies that are going to sprout in this field.  Fintech is the new buzzword. And I do not think that it’s a buzzword that is going to fade away anytime soon.