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Which country will provide me with the ‘best’ educational degree?

This depends upon many factors. The top 200 universities are from over 50 countries, and students can only apply to these universities if he/she has the required grades and meet other admission requirements. Also, there are visa issues and financial budget which student needs to consider, along with their own personal safety and well being. Hence you and your family will need to assess which country is best for you so that your educational and personal needs can be fulfilled. Education Zone can certainly help you with this assessment and we can guide you on which country and degree can maximize your potential and satisfaction.

Which country is ‘better’ to study in?

Students need to consider the following criteria’s before making their choice; safety, price, education quality, living standard, acceptance by the local people in that country, proximity to home and visa procedure. Education Zone can help you chose the one that best fits all of these factors.

What is the cost going to be for my program of study?

It depends on where you choose to study. For example in the UK education cost can range between 4500-13000 pounds and in the USA it may cost between 11000-70000 dollars.

What are the universities/colleges/schools deadlines?

Most colleges/universities have a 9 months deadline, and the course intake will vary by country (in the US classes usually start in September whereas in New Zealand classes usually begin in February). We advise that you apply as soon as possible given that you need time to also process your student visa and arrange suitable accommodation.

How long will the application process take?

On average the application process for undergraduate studies takes between 4-6 weeks, and postgraduate takes between 6-8 weeks.

What documents do I require?

Generally speaking, you will need your certificates and your passport. Other documents may also be required depending on the university’s requirements (for example CV, reference letters and list of extracurricular activities etc). Again this varies upon the university and program of study. Education Zone counsellors can best advise you on the required documents, so that your application is prepared to the best of its potential, in order to secure a successful acceptance letter from the university.

Will you guarantee university/college/school acceptance?

We cannot guarantee acceptance since it is ultimately the institute’s/university’s decision. However given our extensive experience in this field, once we have assessed the student’s documents, we have become experts in knowing which university/course we can apply to students in order to maximize their acceptance.

What happens if I am rejected by the institution of my choice?

After discussing with the student we then apply for them at another institution/university.

Do I require IETLS/TOEFL?

Yes, most universities may require either IELTS or TOEFL, and certain degrees may require students to take additional examinations also.

Which accommodation option is best?

We recommend that first-year students live in a dormitory or in homestay so that they may learn the culture of the country, language, make friends and don’t feel homesick. The second-year is easier on the nerves and students usually move out and stay in rented accommodation with other students/friends

Do you help with the visa?

Yes, of course, this is one of our competitive advantages.

How long does the visa take?

On average it takes between one to six weeks.

Can I work while I study?

In most countries, you can, but this is limited to 20 hours per week.

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