Are you currently watching The Good Doctor? It’s about a group of doctors that work in a very futuristic hospital, one of them is a young autistic doctor who is a phenomenon. In episode 9 they are trying to operate on a child who has heart failure.  Before they did the operation, they do the whole operation virtually and do the iteration to determine if the operation is successful.  Now that is the way I would like to be operated on if one day I needed an operation.  The number of iteration they did on the virtual heart until they determined the success of the operation was fantastic.

In this episode medicine, surgery, science and media studies or virtual reality were used at the same time.  Linkages in university courses have become a reality and that is how we should all be studying.  We cannot say that I am studying medicine only we have to learn to use or study other elements that will make the job easier and safer.  In the past all disciplines were taught in isolation from each other, which worked but not that well, most of the top universities in the world have used students from different disciplines to take part in projects to serve the public good.

Thus when you go to a university, and you have optional courses do not just opt for music, basketball or book reading, nothing wrong with those, but you can do these with one of the clubs or societies and you do not necessarily take them as a minor, you could better use your academic time and serve the scientific field by learning how to integrate your major into other majors (criminology and media, or speech therapy and teaching, or medicine and business and so on.

I am just providing you with some examples here, the lists can go on as there are over 3000 majors in the world.