I truly believe that we must be lifelong learners, education is limitless and must never have age boundaries.  Due to this belief, I continue to register in courses, read books, work on research and learn more whenever I can.  Of course its not only me, many people share this point of view and I am so encouraged by this fact.  I used to, and still do, register for courses in Coursera and MOOC, however presently I prefer live courses, as the culmination of people around me inspires me to do more good to the community.

Thus, this last course that I had attended is very creative.  The Author of a book on the secret of the paradigm, discussed with his sister, who is an educationalist, how to apply the human’s highest value to Education.  VMG was the terminology that was constantly used throughout the duration of the course, V is value, which means that us the human beings have many values that we lives with, and M is mind, this is split between conscious and subconscious minds, and G is the goal.  Now the main goal is for us the educationalists is to have Inspirational education as our highest value, and how to trick our brain to make inspirational education go to the  subconscious  level, thus we work on that high level all the time.

Basically if all the teachers, school principal and school leaders think that we must change the way education is delivered, furthermore, if we all thought of this goal constantly and subjected our brain to this thought then we will do it without any difficulty.  Think for example about driving, when we start to learn, we focus and have to remember the steps all the time, once we master driving, we drive without thinking as all the rules about driving had sank into our subconscious, we do not need to think about them while driving, they are there, they have sunk in our brain, similarly, if we want to tell ourselves that we are strong, clever, pretty, rich, happy and so on, we must think of these terms, embody them and practice them until they drop to the subconscious level of our brain, suddenly we will be all of that.

So we have all come out of the course thinking that making education inspirational depends on us and how we can make it our highest value, thinking about it all the time in a very positive manner, then it will become part of our subconscious and the whole world will be happy.

Next weekend I am doing another course on thinking modes, stay tuned.