Medical School Interview Tips

for Potential Medical Foundation Students


You will need to demonstrate your English level. You must remember that this course is diverse and is people orientated. The ability to communicate effectively with different people is important and something which the interviewer will want to see demonstrated.

Relevant educational experience

You have already studied biology, chemistry and maths, so be prepared to talk about what you have learned and why you feel they are important to the field of Medicine. This can include previous modules studied and examples of work and projects.

Knowledge of the Medicine course at this centre specifically

You will need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course, modules and format of study. We recommend revising the course information, the website and key points to the course.

Passion for Medicine

The interviewer is looking for a student who is clearly passionate about a career in Medicine. Why do you want to study Medicine specifically? What are your plans? Where do you see yourself after the course? Why this course in particular?

Hands on!

This course is driven by interaction with people and practice. Are you prepared to work hard both academically and practically? Can you explain this? Do you have the required work experience? Have you worked in a hospital, shadowed a doctor?

Prepare well

Please be aware, this is an outline of what to expect and not the exact format of the interview. Good luck with your preparations. Try not to be nervous and just do your best.

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