The book is ready, and I am so excited about my book ‘Careers, find one that fits you like a glove’ and its value creation for those that will read it. I am also so excited that mums and dads will read it with their children, as it has valuable information about the hundreds of jobs out there that one can choose from depending on their passion.

I was six years old when I first held a book, it belonged to my dad, and it was a novel; I remember my dad reading it with me; I said I will have books too, and he said of course you will buy them! I said no I will write them, just like this one, so fathers can read them to their daughters. Years later (I guess I was 18-19) I did start writing, mainly about events, feelings, people, and things that I liked; I had also written a few newsletter articles for the company I used to work in the 80s and 90s, and then something happened, and I stopped.

I started again when our company Education Zone was opened, simply because we needed to create flyers, brochures, and specialized magazines to inform students. A few newspapers would want my opinion on certain majors or certain universities, and somehow, they find me; I started a blog to write my feelings about books that I had read, events that I had attended, or my thoughts about what was going on around me.

One day I realized I have written enough information to put into a book, most of the information that I wanted “dads and mums” to read to their children I had already written, all I needed are a few more chapters. A few chapters and a couple of years later the book was ready. All I did was get a few interns and students to check what I wrote about educational majors; I wrote the content pages; the last chapters, and that was that.