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Ezone provides a suite of services. Our counsellors match students to best-fit careers and place them in the best-fit university, college or school. The student must also recognize the importance of improving his or her language as well as ensuring the entry-level to the university is appropriate. Thus a student can be directly admitted to a university or placed in a pathway program.

Students require some preparation before being admitted to a university, for example, the student may need some volunteering experience, writing a personal statement or a cv and some work experience. Ezone will help our students ensure a complete portfolio before placement at the Educational institute best fit for them.

Once the student is admitted we embark on the logistics of getting the student to his or her travel location. This is carried out by following the appropriate steps based on the country the student is travelling to, booking tickets, finding suitable accommodation, setting up insurance and scheduling ab airport pick up. We also provide mentors and guardians if need be as some students are under age and their parents are wary of sending them on their own.

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Study Abroad

Psychometric Testing

Summer Camps

Study Abroad


The benefits of working through us are:

  • Ezone’s team will help you choose the right institution in terms of ranking, budget, and location
  • We ensure placements for all our students
  • We are in partnership with language schools, colleges and universities all around the world

Higher Education

We assist students in gaining academic admission for Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe.

Studying abroad is a major life changing decision for most students and there are important questions that require professional advice and assistance in order to be answered. At the Ezone, we are available to help answer these questions and help our students make informed choices and achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

    Professional Courses

    In advanced countries studying a degree is not the end of the story, students have to take up professional examinations that are coupled with experience and log books to be able to practice professionally.  Fields like accounting, finance, engineering, law, medicine, dentistry, teaching, nursing, marketing are amongst the professions that has associations one has to belong to so they become associates or fellows and they carry the acronyms after their names.  The acronyms provide piece of mind to the recruiters as they bring with them international bodies that ensures quality in the field. We help students register in these professional exams and follow up on their progress and facilitate the examinations.

    Visa assistance

    Without an appropriate visa the students cannot depart to their destination, and most countries have very stringent visa rules these days. Our counselors are trained and tested on these rules so the student is assured of the success of obtaining it.

    We provide visa assistance to UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  We also provide visa assistance to Turkey and Russia, as these are new countries that we started to send students to.

    No one can guarantee the approval of a visa but at least we ensure that the process is followed completely.


    Finding a suitable accommodation, whether it is in a homestay, dormitory, student flats or housing is not as easy as it sounds.

    We need to ensure that the family is tried and tested, the dormitory has all the amenities that the students need and the flats are close to the university.  We also need to ensure that the students are segregated in different floors or different sections of the dorms.

    We have partnership with many good accommodation providers and we have personally visited and seen many of them ourselves.

    Flight Booking & Insurance

    Education zone have partnered with ticketing agencies that provide special student pricing as well as providing the students card that gives extra benefits to the students, also we have partnered with many great insurance companies around the world. 

    Airport Pickup

    The students will be met at the airport in almost all the countries we send them to.  Parents need not worry about the safety of their loved ones.  Also the same service can be duplicated on departure if need be.

    Psychometric Test


    Psychometric tests are multiple-choice questionnaires designed by expert psychologists to analyze different aspects of your mind.

    Students at times make incorrect choices when it comes to higher education and career development. Such students are either forced to drop out and switch to another degree, or they stay on a career path that leaves them unhappy and frustrated. In either case, they not only waste precious time and money but also jeopardise their futures. Psychometric tests offer the opportunity to look inside your mind and understand your true motivations and capabilities.

    Psychometric tests analyze three things: your interests, your personality, and your abilities. They unlock your natural potential by matching strengths in these three areas to specific jobs, careers and higher education. For example, are you naturally inclined towards a career that requires creativity, or are you better suited to a career in business management? Are you more likely to be happy and successful as an engineer or as a teacher? Psychometric tests highlight which values are important to you, which things motivate you, and which skills come naturally to you.

    Most psychometric tests can be completed in less than an hour! The questions don’t test general knowledge or language proficiency. They just analyze you as a person and identify your strengths. Remember, you can’t fail a psychometric test. Just be yourself, that’s all it takes!

    Summer camps


    The team at Ezone offers students between the ages of 6-21 fun and activity-filled summer and winter camps. No matter what camp a student attends, they all offer many opportunities to form and develop enduring friendships, learn new skills and take on many new challenges.

    Camps are supervised programs that usually take place during the summertime. The main reasons summer camps are available is for the development of Students education and culture. Summer camps are run in places that allow students to enhance their skills both physically and emotionally in a safe environment while interacting with other students and supervisors. These camps have nurturing and positive environments where children can participate, develop, gain experience and confidence.

    We provide you with packages, which include tuition, accommodation, transportation, meals, activities and excursions!


    • Learn and improve you language skills (English, French, Germany, etc.)
    • Learn, Play and Enjoy football skills and many other sports
    • Volunteer work
    • Leadership
    • Adventure
    • Fashion design
    • Cooking skills
    • And a lot more


    The team at Education Zone offers those who would like to pursue a new language or strengthen their language skills find the right language school for them, in the right country.

    Languages include: English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and any other language that a person may feel the need to study for purposes of further education or to live in that country.

    Popular Countries

    • United Kingdom
    • United State of America
    • France
    • New Zealand
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Italy

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