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At Education Zone, we help you choose the right institution for your needs. We consider factors such as ranking, budget, and location to find the best match for you. We guarantee placements for all our students, whether they are looking for language schools, colleges or universities. We have partnerships with institutions worldwide, so you can explore a variety of options and opportunities.

Higher Education

We assist students in gaining academic admission for Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels in various countries, such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe. We help them find the best programs and institutions that suit their interests, goals and qualifications.

Studying abroad is a major life-changing decision for most students and there are important questions that require professional advice and assistance to be answered. At Education Zone, we are available to help answer these questions and guide our students through the entire process of studying abroad. We help them make informed choices and achieve their dreams of pursuing quality education in different parts of the world.

Professional Courses

In advanced countries, studying a degree is not the end of the story. Students have to take up professional examinations that are coupled with experience and log books to be able to practice professionally. Fields like accounting, finance, engineering, law, medicine, dentistry, teaching, nursing, marketing are among the professions that have associations one has to belong to so they can become associates or fellows and carry the acronyms after their names. The acronyms provide peace of mind to the recruiters as they are backed by international bodies that ensure quality in the field. We help students register for these professional exams and follow up on their progress and facilitate the examinations.

Visa assistance

An appropriate visa is essential for students to depart to their destination, and most countries have very stringent visa rules these days. Our counselors are trained and tested on these rules so the student can be assured of the success of obtaining it.

We provide visa assistance to UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We also provide visa assistance to Turkey, as this is a new country that we have started to send students to.

No one can guarantee the approval of a visa, but at least we ensure that the process is followed completely.


We help you find suitable accommodation, whether it is in a homestay, dormitory, student flats or housing.

We ensure that the family is reliable, the dormitory has all the amenities, the flats are close to the university and the students are segregated.

We have partnerships with many good accommodation providers and we have personally checked them.

Flight Booking & Insurance

Education Zone, we are committed to providing our students with the best opportunities and experiences. That’s why we have partnered with ticketing agencies that offer special student pricing and a student card that gives extra benefits to students, such as discounts and rewards. We have also partnered with many great insurance companies around the world to ensure our students are covered and protected wherever they go.

Airport Pickup

One of our priorities at Education Zone is to make our students feel comfortable and supported throughout their journey. That’s why we ensure that our students are welcomed and assisted at the airport in almost all the destinations we send them to. Parents can rest assured that their loved ones are safe and secure, and that we are always available to help them if needed. We can also provide the same service on departure if required, to make sure our students have a smooth and hassle-free return.

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