Can you talk to a large audience? Or are you inspired by talks?

Speaking to a large audience can be a little bit intimidating, one has to learn such skill when one is young and energetic. There are ways to make us able to speak publicly easily but it starts in schools.  In the advanced world, they have something that starts when the student is three years old which is “show and tell” in this session the students will bring something from their home and talk about it to the class, in those five minutes all the other students keep quiet and listen to him/her and then the floor is opened to the students to ask their questions which the “show and tell” person will reply to.  I noticed in those sessions that the kids are not afraid to talk, as they are young and amongst friends, and because they grew up doing this constantly speaking becomes a second nature to them.

I was privileged to teach English voluntarily to a group of students from Bahrain, they were a mix of girls and boys, from level one to level 12.  All of them do not want to speak loudly even though we group them in fours, so I asked them if they have attended talks, or they listened to talks, podcasts on the radio or watched talks on YouTube, and the answer is no. no wonder we are not having great speakers.

This brings me to my subject nicely, I encourage all of you to look at these sites:

  1. Ted Talks

This is an application or you can watch on YouTube. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design; you will find talks about education science, life, lifelong learning, global issues, innovation, technology, and many other subjects, the talks are subtitled and easy to follow.  They are also inspiring. I personally like the one of Sir Ken Robinson, the creator of TED.

It is so funny and real, one can fall off his chair. I also have done a TEDx (a subcategory of TED that is run by organizations and universities licensed by TED) here is the talk if you like to see it.

  1. Goalcast

This second site is exclusive for people that we know, who showed great success and also a great failure, the people goal casted were not ashamed to talk about their lives and what makes them tick.  We need to learn from them and try to form our own conclusion on where our life is taking us and we need to be inspired by them, inspiration makes us do great things in life.  I loved the talk of Denzel Washington.

  1. Master Class

this site is a teaching site with a style, the teacher is a well know person in any field, actors, chefs, designers, bakers, carpenters, and they teach you on YouTube, however, this site is not free but of course, it’s well worth it. I really liked the way Marc Jacob teaches fashion design, it makes me want to learn, link to that page here.

  1. Creative Boom

Finally, the link will take you to a site with 40 of the best inspirational talks for creative works. I enjoy listening to them every now and then.  No one can say that I am not learning, and would love you to do this too.

Please students, listen to what I am saying and reflect upon it, life is fantastic, you never know where the door that you have just opened will take you, so try to be inspired and also try to inspire others, all of us can feel down sometimes, and we need something that will pick us up from the bottom to the top.