Online and distance studies is not something new. The open university in UK has been providing distance education since 1969 first through TV and then moved to the internet when it became a good option.  Thus, what we are facing today is not a novel thing, and since the vast interruption to our lives with the Corona virus, I think it high time to start learning the concept of studying by distance.  We must never spend our time at home in doing other things (you know what I mean, TV, radio, WhatsApp messages, phone calls with your friends, just lying around or sleeping for longer than needed hours).

Here are few tips that can make you study with full speed:

  1. Wake up exactly as you used to when you went to school, if you started your day at 6 in the morning (to prepare, shower, have breakfast and drive to school or university) then you may want to spend those one and a half hour or two hours in doing some exercise at home, a little bit of Yoga or just jumping up and down and walking around your home or garden if you have one, or simply carrying heavy objects that you can find around the house.
  2. Organize your workspace so there is nothing to distract you. Put your phone away in the living room, ask the people you are living with to be away so you can do your work.
  3. Keep your school schedule in front of you, open your laptop and start studying one by one through the online portal provided to you. Don’t forget the note down the exercises that you need to do and the homework for each subject.
  4. Take breaks after each lesson, and take your afternoon break to have your snack and drink
  5. When you finish the study portal start with the home work (remember that you had gained some time because you are not commuting) try to clear all your homework and extra reading
  6. Again, if you need some rest, go for a quick walk or help your mother in the kitchen. Do not crowd the sitting rooms, its best to have a good distance between you and your siblings
  7. If you are a fast learner, help your siblings in their homework
  8. Try to do some extra curricular activity. If for example you are studying geography of a country, then go on google and find out more about that country, make a small essay to remind you later. Make notes of all your daily lectures and maintain them in a book or on your laptop.
  9. Also don’t forget that the world had prepared for such epidemic as if we are expecting it, so there are lots of online courses that you can do because you have the time. See these links and choose courses:

Heres a few more options we found and would like to share with you:

  1. If you like books, choose from
  2. If you like music choose from
  3. If you like Broadway shows
  4. If you like space programmes
  5. If you like museums then this link will intrigue you as they have provided virtual tours

Please remember that you have exams to pass and you need to study for them, you cannot just spend your time in doing nothing and then failing your tests. This year is a trial for all of us, and we need to learn to work on our own, read your books, summarize them and help your brothers and sisters. Any minute wasted is not a good thing and it will not help us.

Remember that if you fail this year, you have lost a whole year, and that is your life, you don’t want to be labeled “the student who failed because of Corona” as Corona has nothing to do with it, it’s us and how we feel the responsibility.